Jul 2, 2012
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Betta Fish Tank Size

betta fish aquarium sizeBetta fish are perfect for a first-time pet as they don’t require the extensive tank setup required for other fresh water fish. Betta Fish can be placed in small plastic tanks, glass fish bowls and even decorative fish tanks that can be placed on tables, or the wall. With a reputation of a being a durable pet, it’s important to remember that fish must be separated as they are considered to be aggressive.

The versatile fish are known for living in displays within cups at the local pet store and are associated with thriving in a small tank. Tanks from pet stores often include everything that is needed to begin the tank, including the tank, cover, water conditioner and decorations that can be used to finish the tank. Larger tanks that are designed to house more than one betta fish include a divider that can be used to separate the fish.

What is the minimum tank size recommended for betta fish?
The minimum betta fish tank size is at least 2.5 gallons.  Betta tanks are available through traditional pet stores that are far too small to house a betta. Betta fish should NOT be kept in jars, bowls, cups, or small aquariums, regardless of whether or not they can survive. You could keep a dog alive in a tiny crate for its whole life, but that doesn’t make it right.

How often should the water be changed in the Betta fish tank?
Water in the tank should be changed weekly to create a healthy environment for the betta fish living in the tank. Remove half of the water weekly and add the recommended water conditioning treatment to create healthy water and remove any residue from the water. Be sure to measure the water being removed and replaced in the betta fish tank, to ensure that an accurate amount of water conditioning treatment is being used in the betta fish tank.

What should be considered when choosing the Betta Fish Tank Size?
First, it’s important to consider the amount of the fish that are going to inhabit the tank. One fish can accommodate a 2.5 gallon aquarium or multiple fish can accommodate a larger size tank. In the case that more than one fish is going to inhabit the tank it’s important to choose a larger model. Also, make sure you read up on betta fish compatibility before adding any other fish to ensure they can live together peacefully.

Choosing a larger tank can also reduce the time spent cleaning and replacing the water in the tank. A larger tank is going to require replacement of the water within the tank less often, reducing the amount of maintenance required.

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